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Platinum Points Valid for 6 months after you collect them. Gold Points Valid for 12 months after you collect them. You can check the points you've collected, the points you've redeemed, and any points that have expired by going to Points history in the menu. When points are collected or expire, they are processed based on Pacific Daylight Time Platinum Points are the type of coins you can earn without buying (digital) software. Not sure why they're called platinum, since they're definitely less valuable than Gold points.They shall be known from here on as silver.. Silver points can be exchanged on My Nintendo mostly for JPEGs, PDFs, and discounts; see Rewards.There are two kinds of silver points: the generic ones are coins that. Nintendo Platinum Points and Nintendo Gold Points are two digital currencies that tie into a user's My Nintendo account. When you first sign up for an account, you'll get a brief message about how. With yesterday's release of both Miitomo and My Nintendo, Wii U and 3DS lovers everywhere are clamoring to rack up as many platinum points as possible to get the expensive and coveted rewards of Twilight Princess Picross or Warioware: Touched. That being said, many players are having a hard time getting to that 1,000 coin marker, leading them to believe this will be a long and arduous.

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Platinum Point Missions. Start Using My Nintendo Reward: 100 Platinum Points; Collect the My Nintendo sign-in bonus (weekly - click on the coins on the ground near your Mii) Reward: 30 Platinum Points Nintendo Support Forums Nintendo Wii U Family Platinum points 7 77jedi77! Platinum points. Hi, I have a lot of platinum points on my account. All Nintendo offers is things to spend your platinum points for the 3ds (I do not own a 3ds). I was. Platinum Points. A player can earn Platinum Points by performing actions such as linking with social media or signing into the Nintendo eShop or (formerly) Miiverse weekly. Additionally, a player can earn platinum points by completing missions listed in the My Nintendo home page once logged in. App-centric Platinum Points Related: Super Mario 3D All-Stars Crashes On Modded Nintendo Switch Consoles But despite the negative press, Nintendo is proud of what it's created. So proud, in fact, that it's now offering physical rewards to celebrate the release of Super Mario 3D All-Stars.These rewards can be found on the My Nintendo website. Players can trade in 800 platinum points to get a small zipper case with Mario's. Nintendo has a wonderful way of coming up with convoluted ways of rewarding fans, and basically refuse to make anything straight-forward or easy to discover.. It's one of thing that makes the benefits of the Nintendo Switch Online service so hard to quantify.. As a result of this, they've got a few different point systems in place, like Nintendo Platinum Points, which can be used for a few.

Here's how to get free My Nintendo Platinum Points with the Pikmin 3 quests. 2020-10-14 12:00:00 by Chris Carter. 0. 100 easy points. In case you missed it,. My Nintendo points can be redeemed for My Nintendo rewards. To see what kind of rewards are offered, please see the Rewards section.. You are also able to spend My Nintendo Gold Points on digital purchases for Nintendo Switch on Nintendo eShop or the Nintendo website

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  1. Platinum Points are earned by completing various missions related to the My Nintendo service (for example, linking a social media account to your Nintendo Account). The amount of Platinum Points earned varies, depending on the mission. After completing a Platinum mission, you may need to select Collect Points to redeem the points
  2. Regular Platinum Points can be earned by completing missions related to the My Nintendo service. For a current list of active missions, Click Here. Missions related to smart device or tablet applications can also be viewed on device. Platinum Points related to an application (like Super Mario Run.
  3. Du erhältst My Nintendo-Punkte, indem du Missionen abschließt. Es gibt zwei verschiedene Arten von Punkten: Gold und Platin.Die verschiedenen Punktesorten können auf unterschiedliche Weise gesammelt und für unterschiedliche Belohnungen eingesetzt werden
  4. If you are not able to receive a refund, at the very least, because it is a Platinum Points reward, you can earn the 150 Platinum Points back very quickly, especially if you play Nintendo's mobile games like Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes, the latter of which currently offers up to 2,500 Platinum Points that you can earn
  5. When My Nintendo first came up, Platinum coins actually had some use, you could get some 3DS games with them, and probably some Wii U stuff that I ignored since I lacked one at the time. But Nintendo have pretty much ignored My Nintendo
  6. g up for a special Super Mario Bros. 35 page on Amazon, which links to all sorts of merch, and nets you some Platinum Points as well

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This is the first time My Nintendo has had something actually worth spending platinum points on. So naturally, I have a ton of them and got myself some stickers. For Nintendo Switch on the Nintendo Switch, a GameFAQs message board topic titled So are Platinum Points basically useless now?

Select My Nintendo members are starting to receive a message in their inbox about an opportunity to take a survey. Upon completion, you'll be awarded 30 Platinum Points. The survey will be around until September 6. Just to reiterate, it's not going out to everyone. It is being sent to members in both North America and Europe (thanks LordofGamez) Sourc I registered an account and it seems the 'platinum' points are pretty worthless (unless you want you play Miitomo). They seem pretty much like the steps coins you get for walking with 3DS, just for little bonus items but not anything more Did you know you can check in at Nintendo NY to earn 100 My Nintendo Platinum Points on a weekly basis? This is another perk my favorite store has to offer!.

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No. One type of My Nintendo points (Gold, Platinum, Super Mario Run, etc.) cannot be exchanged for a different type. For example, you cannot trade Gold Points for Platinum Points to put towards a Platinum Point reward. For some rewards, you can combine specific types of My Nintendo points together NEW My Nintendo Mario Platinum Points Missions! Earn, earn, earn, and then redeem, redeem, redeem. Make sure to LIKE, Subscribe, and hit the bell to be notif.. My Nintendo points insert included with Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (300 Platinum Points). Each Nintendo Account can only redeem one code per device. Email distribution during the launch of My Nintendo; Please note that a Nintendo Account is required to redeem the My Nintendo points. The type and amount of My.

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Key Points: Gold Rewards can only be redeemed with Gold Points; Platinum Rewards can be redeemed with Platinum Points. You can also use My Nintendo Gold Points as payment towards eligible digital Nintendo Switch game and DLC purchases, including Nintendo Switch Online membership, in the Nintendo Switch eShop and on the Nintendo website (where available) Amazon is offering 100 My Nintendo Platinum Points for Free when you redeem the offer through their site. Please note, a Nintendo Account is required to redeem this offer. Platinum Points can be used to redeem special content or limited Nintendo items. To get this deal: Go to Amazon's Mario promo. Linking Nintendo, Facebook, and Twitter accounts across the various games is the best bet, as it will get you 300 platinum points each time, depending on the app. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Fire Emblem Heroes are the two with the most potential, though Super Mario Run can help as well My Nintendo has a variety of ways to earn Platinum Points - playing Miitomo especially can earn you some points pretty quickly. Still, there's a way to get 10 Platinum Points on the website itself - scroll down to the bottom of the site and click on the block in the bottom right corner. Then just keep clicking on your..

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  1. Club Nintendo: Nintendo's membership service, which began in 2003 in Japan and 2002 in Europe as Nintendo VIP 24:7 (The North American, Australia and South Africa Club Nintendo opened in 2008) Members are awarded points called Coins (the North American Club used Coins, the Japan Club used Points, Europe and Australia Clubs used Stars)for registering Wii and Nintendo DS hardware and.
  2. Nintendo is partnering up with Amazon to sell and deliver all Mario goodies to celebrate the Super Mario 35th Anniversary this month of November onwards. The Japanese games developer company offers various products and merchandise from the Super Mario franchise with additional 100 MyNintendo points and a Mario-themed packaging upon delivery
  3. Want to redeem the Gold Points for purchasing physical copies of your Switch games? We show you the simple way that it's done on the Nintendo Switch

Regular Platinum Points can be earned by completing missions related to the My Nintendo service. For a current list of active missions, Click Here . Missions related to smart device or tablet applications can also be viewed on device The latest offering from the My Nintendo Reward scheme is here Nintendo is going hog-wild with physical My Nintendo rewards now, offering up several new goodies that can be acquired with Platinum Points: funny money that can be earned through various means.

Nintendo Gifting My Nintendo Platinum Points To Former Club Nintendo Members. April 1st, 2016 by Mike Guarino. While My Nintendo is finally live and giving Nintendo players an all new way to get free stuff, the impact of being a Club Nintendo players isn't quite gone yet. Nintendo is currently gifting former Club Nintendo members. Nintendo's Switch reward point system is already broken. Commentary: Buy 100 games, get one free isn't just a bad deal, it's one you can't even cash in on My Nintendo Points are earned by completing missions (or redeeming Point Codes) and can be spent on a number of rewards, such as Stamina Potions, Light's Blessings, Hero Feathers, Dueling Crests or Universal Shards / Crystals.Additionally, a one-off reward of 10 Orbs is available for 0 My Nintendo Points.. Most missions are one-offs, totaling 3,030 points, but there are additional weekly (100. Nintendo is currently offering a 7-day Nintendo Switch Online trial as a reward for cashing in 100 Platinum Points from your MyNintendo account My Nintendo is the replacement of Club Nintendo, which was discontinued in October 2015. Just like the former loyalty programme, it allows players to trade hard-earned coins for various rewards (only digital for now). On this page, you will find the list of list of all rewards available in Europe, North America, and Japan, along with the date they will be removed from the rewards catalogue

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Nintendo is giving folks a 7-day trial to Switch Online for free—well, technically. You see, what's really happening is that Nintendo is offering the trial in exchange for 100 Platinum Points My Nintendo awards players two kinds of points, platinum and gold, for playing Nintendo games, using the company's services and buying physical and digital products. That's all typical stuff.

I know some of those titles were probably repeating at this point in their offer, but since I have a console for a little bit over a year now, it was relatively cheap way to build a decent library. However, some former Club Nintendo members are being gifted Platinum Points by Nintendo out of the blue. The company has been sending out emails to North American members that include a code for. My Nintendo will serve as a replacement to the previous rewards program, Club Nintendo, and Nintendo is rewarding longtime fans. If you had a Club Nintendo account, Nintendo should be sending you an email with a code for 200 Platinum Points for My Nintendo. Once you receive your code, you can redeem it by clicking here. This deal expires on Ma

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  1. Hide similar threads Similar threads with keywords - platinum, birthday, Nintendo WTG MY NINTENDO™ PLATINUM POINTS CODE Ronhero , Nov 19, 2017 , in forum: Others (Giving/Trading
  2. Discover Nintendo Switch, the video game system you can play at home or on the go. Plus, get the latest games and news on the official Nintendo site
  3. Every Nintendo Switch game purchase you make, whether it's in the eShop or for a physical game, earns you Gold Points. Those points can be used toward purchases for things like background themes for your 3DS, Prima game guides, and discounts for Wii U purchases
  4. Nintendo Points. Nintendo allows you to earn points that give you particular benefits and rewards. There are two types of points: Gold and Platinum. You earn Gold rewards whenever you purchase a game. You can redeem them for any prize that requires them, such as Nintendo 3DS content or items in the Nintendo eShop. You can earn Platinum points.
  5. Amazon Started a Nintendo 35th Anniversary for Super Mario! Just click the Player 1, start your mission! on the middle of the page, and visit Nintendo Website to earn 100 Platinum Points.

Most points earned are Platinum Points, which are the same as points earned through playing Miitomo. Gold Points are earned whenever you purchase a game digitally through the Nintendo eShop. It didn't take long for eagle-eyed Nintendo fans to find a secret mission that rewards players with ten easy Platinum Points, which require only a few clicks of the mouse So do you have a My Nintendo account yet? If so, you're probably trying to rack up some coins to get rewards. The way to do that is through missions, but did you know about secret missions? So far one has been found, but there might be more coming in the future. This one is a silly game of whack-the-mole and will get you 10 Platinum coins Nintendo of America is giving a nod to prior Club Nintendo members on My Nintendo, sending them Platinum Points via email in messages like this: Sorry anyone trying to redeem — already got my. Grab free Platinum Points for My Nintendo today for the Zelda reveal. Regardless of how you feel about Nintendo's My Nintendo program, free points should pretty much appeal to everyone,. 'My Nintendo' Platinum Points are about to start expiring. I've already downloaded all of the 3ds themes and played the games that I could buy with platinum points. I already own most of the games, so discounts don't help much. Really hope they focus on this soon

Find the 5 Gleamstones on the Fire Emblem Warriors website to earn 100 Platinum Points. I haven't seen many people talking about this, but this is an easy way to make 100 platinum points. Just go to the Fire Emblem Warriors website and search for the 5 Gleamstones on it and be logged in to.. It seems that former Club Nintendo members in North America are getting an extra treat, however, with multiple members of our team receiving a code that's redeemable for 200 Platinum Points

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Since the start of this year I got a lot of Nintendo stuff, 3ds xl, Wii u, etc and I have reached platinum mebership staus at club nintendo. What does this mean and are their any benefits to being. Gold Points are awarded for any purchase on the eShop, Platinum Points are game-specific. Tl;dr: Right now, they are worth collecting if you own a 3DS. There are some decent discounts, especially for eShop games. I'm sitting on 4000 platinum points hoping they add the Switch soon The collectors amongst you should be made aware that there's currently a high-quality Super NES poster set available on My Nintendo in Europe. The set is available for a reasonable 300 Platinum Points but shipping is fairly expensive. Still, if you want to get your hands on these high quality posters to decorate your roo V-Bucks are an in-game currency than can be used to purchase new customization items like outfits, emotes, pickaxes, gliders, and more

Nintendo is so keen that we get these, in fact, that it's now giving out Platinum My Nintendo points for all that are signed up. If you sign up for these emails you get a one-off 30 points,. @Nego You can get 120 platinum points per week (I'd imagine you don't know since you're still at 550) by g in eShop, miiverse, My Nintendo (you have to click on the coin near your mii) and.

How to Earn My Nintendo Points (Gold, Platinum, Etc

The web site says that the year points are from July 1 to June 30. So if I entered in point in march of 2010 when do I have to be done entering points to get an elite status. It tells me that I had 580 coins 2010 Elite Status - Gold. So with this info how long do I have to enter in more point to get a platinum status? Only answer if you really know what your talking about If you're a My Nintendo member and playing Fire Emblem Heroes, you should have gotten this email either today or late yesterday. The email contains 300 Platinum Points for My Nintendo. That's a pretty nice sum for nothing! Thanks to Neo Dark for the heads up From there if you pre-registered for My Nintendo, you should have somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 Platinum Points, but you're done with your sign-in bonuses this week, so you'll have to. Nintendo's E3 wesbite has a hidden little secret for those who want to get more Platinum Points for their My Nintendo account. If you scroll down to the daily poll section, Cappy should be floating down a bit directly underneath it. Click Cappy and you get 20 Platinum Points! Click here to go their website and try it out for..

Nintendo Releases Printable Animal Crossing CalendarA pair of new ARMS wallpapers have been added to MyJune's European My Nintendo Rewards Include ARMS, Mario

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Over in Europe, Splatoon 2 fans had to buy a Splatoon 2 Splatfest t-shirt to get a code for this content. Here in the states, we just have to cough up 100 Platinum Points. Grab your set of gear here (thanks Kolma and Andreslop24! App-centric Platinum Points are earned by clearing missions within Nintendo's mobile apps, and can either be used to purchase rewards within the app or combined with regular Platinum Points to be spent on the main rewards. On March 6, 2018, the ability to use Gold Points in the Nintendo Switch eShop became available 100 My Nintendo Platinum Points. The codes will be sent by eBay message. Back to home page Return to top. More to explore : Minecraft Nintendo Wii U Video Games, Nintendo Nintendo Wii U Controllers, New Super Luigi U Nintendo Wii U Games, Nintendo Wii U Controllers

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First post. Hope format is correct. Here are the codes. My Nintendo™ Platinum Points Code: PSTCKN6JF4YWM6SX (50 points) PSTCN556R7HPDDV4 (5 My Nintendo - Grab 50 Platinum Points for Post Cereal Codes 25 September, 2017 by rawmeatcowboy | Comments: 9 As we talked about awhile back, Nintendo fans have a chance to win some Switch goodies by snatching up specially-branded Post Cereal boxes It appears rewards for physical purchases are on their way, as outlets that have received an NES Classic Edition console to review are reporting that it comes with a redeemable code for My Nintendo points, just like Club Nintendo used to offer. The NES Classic Edition's packaged code is good for 300 Platinum Points. Source: Nintendo Force [ A thriving community of fans devoted to everything Nintendo. Feel like playing hide-and-seek with some Poochy pups? The official Yoshi's Crafted World website has three different Poochy pups hiding on it, and if you track down all three, you'll be able to nab 50 Platinum Points for yourself

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